ནང་སྲིད་ ལྷན་ཁག།

Department of Immigration

Immigration Services Single Window System

What do you Intent to Process?

Work Permit

Permit required for Non-Bhutanese to work in Bhuntan.

Tourist Visa / Tourist Permit

Tourist Visa / Tourist Permit is processed through TCB

Business Guests

Recommendation from Ministry of Econmic Affairs is required to process Business Guest Visa / Permit

Official Guests

Agencies inviting official Guests for meetings conferences, etc.

Personal Guests

Bhutanese inviting personal guests

Foreigner's Guest

Foreigner's Guest VISA Processing

Route Permit

Internal Travel Permit for Guest to travel to places other than included in the initial itenery

Student Permit

Permit for Non Bhutanese studying in Bhutan

Dependent Permit

Process Dependent Permit to bring family members by Foreign Workers

Immigration Card

Process Immigration Card for Non Bhutanese

Child Registration

Child registration by Non Bhutanese

Trader Permit

Renew / Transfer Trader Permit

Promoter Card

Process Promoter Card for Non Bhutanese

Entry Permit

Process to Apply for New Entry Permit & Renew Entry Permit


Update Worker Details

Update Worker Details provided by MoHLR

Update Medical Certificate

Update Medical Certificate of an Individual Worker